MomiSafe™ Toddlers Protective Cushion

MomiSafe™ Toddlers Protective Cushion - momibelt

MomiSafe™ Toddlers Protective Cushion

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MomiSafe™ Toddlers Protective Cushion offers effective protection against fall injuries.
Accidents are expected, but it’s nerve-racking to think of the impact on their precious little noggins.

Getting hit on the back of the head can cause serious injury, but we have the cutest solution that gives parents around the world peace of mind

The MomiSafe™ is designed to be easily worn in seconds for any baby, to keep your baby safe and comfortable and it is approved to use in any country. You’ll never, ever put your baby at increased risk again while they learn to crawl or walk!

Our Protection Backpack is comprised of skin-friendly cotton fiber that won't chafe their skin. This makes it exceptionally soft and comfortable while they run around. 

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More than 36% of all baby accidents are caused by accidental drop and falls which are preventable with the use of MomiSafe™. Accidental falling can cause serious injuries to babies during their critical learning period so it is imperative that we safeguard them from irreversible and preventable head injuries.

With MomiSafe™, the impact on the backside of the head is mitigated by the soft cushioning material.

Designed to effectively reduce and mitigate any impact force on the baby’s head and back during accidental falls, MomiSafe™ will surely keep you worry-free during their fun activities during the day knowing that they are secured while wearing MomiSafe™

Eliminate preventable injuries to the head and back using the excellent resilience of high-quality cotton materials, providing excellent protection when the baby falls and effectively mitigating possible injuries that may occur during their playtime.

Manufactured using only high-quality cotton with breathable, soft material and great air permeability will ensure a comfortable experience for your baby while ensuring a high level of protection is in place all the time.


Suitable for my baby?
If your child is super active or just learning how to crawl or walk, this is a great protector.
Easy to wear?
The baby wears it by slipping the straps around the shoulders just like wearing a backpack. 
Yes. Warm hand washes separately. Do not bleach, soak, or rub. Do not tumble dry.

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